Priority Chef Knife Sharpener Review

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Product Details:

Did you know that many accidents that happen in the kitchen are a result of dull, blunt knives? 

Using too much force to prepare food can make you lose control of your knife and results in cuts.
A sharp knife gives you greater control and provides a safer cooking environment and also makes preparing meals quicker and easier!

Introducing The Priority Chef Knife Sharpener - For The Sharpest Blade
Our specially designed sharpener creates a sharper finish than most of the other models available. While traditional sharpeners create a 'V' shape finish, this Priority Chef sharpener creates a curved V shape resulting in a sharper point - check out the images above.
- Ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable grip
- Soft, cushioned non slip base
- Can be used for left and right handed use
- Slot 1 is made premium tungsten carbide and will shape the blade in preparation for the next stage
- Slot 2 is two ceramic wheels that will fine and hone your knife to the concave point giving a super sharp edge

Experience new sharpness to your blades that you may never have thought possible.

Our Opinion:
If your like us, you probably have a drawer full of dull knives. I have never owned a knife sharpener before. So the Priority Chef knife sharpener is my first try at this. It is super easy to use. You use the inside blade (Tungsten Carbide) if your knife is very dull and you draw the knife through 3 times. The second step is to use the ceramic wheels to remove any imperfections such as burrs that may come from the sharpening. This stage really polishes your knife and you get a nice quality finish. They suggest doing this once a week, but for us I think monthly or as needed would be more then enough. Anything has to be better then what we were doing now, which was nothing. The skid mat along the bottom keeps the sharpener in place, while sharpening your knives.

Purchase the Priority Chef Knife Sharpener on!

NOTE: As an active blogger I received this item for little or no cost. All opinions are 100% my own. 


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