PR Info

Review Information:
I love to review a wide range of products. There is no fee for me to review your product and post my honest opinion. When doing a review I will post a link to your website, include photos, a video or anything else you want me to include. I must receive a full size product that is non-returnable. You must pay for the shipping of the product to me. Please allow 2-4 weeks for me to post the product review, depending on what the product is. 

Offering a giveaway combined with a review is greatly recommended. Your product will get more exposure that way. Please contact me for more information at

Giveaway Information:
Having a giveaway of your product is a great way of getting your product and site noticed. A giveaway will normally run for around 1-2 weeks, but its up to you. The giveaway will be promoted on multiple sites. I will have my readers enter the giveaway and then will give them extra entries for things like becoming a fan on your facebook account, following you on twitter, just to name a few. If you would rather have a one time entry into the giveaway I can do that too.

As I said above I think it is best to have me do a review and giveaway for maximum exposure, but that is up to you. You are responsible for shipping the item to the winner and cannot charge them. Please contact me for more information at