No-Tie Shoelaces by FastMile Review

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Product Information:
Have you ever fallen down as you stepped on an untied shoelace?

If you are tired of tying shoelaces, make it FAST, CONVENIENT and SECURE with Fast Mile No Tie Shoelaces. 

No matter your activity and age - everyone finds Fast MileTM No Tie Shoelaces amazingly useful: Runners, Athletes, Triathletes, Fittness, Walking, Hiking, Soccer, Cycling, Golf, Tennis, Basketball, Yoga enthusiasts, Men and Women, Kids and Seniors, Individuals with Special Needs. It saves time of your workout and gets kids ready for school faster. Universal and practical black color suits all shoe styles perfectly.

The best thing about Fast MileTM laces - it is suitable for virtually any type and size (47 inches length) of lace-up shoes! Quick and simple installation with no extra tools . Keeps laces tight, secure and comfortable, with even pressure distribution across feet. For added safety, all laces are reflective for enhanced night-time visibility.

What we thought:
These no-tie shoelaces are from FastMile. Inside the black box were 3 pairs of black shoelaces. Each pair came individually wrapped. The laces are made out of a stretchy material which makes them fit loosely on your shoe. Which is great for someone like me who has swollen feet sometimes. So these laces are great because they don't press on my feet and make them uncomfortable. The laces come with a booklet to explain the easy installation process.

Here is a quick run-down on how to install the laces. First you lace the shoe with the laces like you normally would do. Then you need to place both ends of the laces through the lock. Then you need to press the lock down and then take the laces above the spring so the laces are not loose. Then you customize your laces to the tightness that you want via the end cap until the end. The last step is to tie the knots on the laces ends and to place them into the wider end of the end cap. Your done and now you can enjoy your no-tie shoelaces! 

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NOTE: As an active blogger I received this item for no cost. All opinions are 100% my own.  


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