PBS Kids: New Adventures Coming For Peg + Cat!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Actress Sandra Oh is headed to the White House to be the President, but as an animated character in the premiere on PBS KIDS of the first PEG + CAT movie, “Peg and Cat Save the World!”

On Monday, March 28th, the one-hour special will follow the spirited Peg and Cat to Washington, DC, where they help the President of the United States, voiced by actress Sandra Oh, avert a crisis of national importance. The two-part movie highlights math and problem-solving skills, as Peg and Cat help save the Earth.

“Peg and Cat Save the World” will be followed by a week of new episodes of PEG + CAT, beginning Monday, April 4th. In their all-new adventures, Peg, Cat and friends use problem-solving skills to overcome an array of challenges – from collecting 100 chickens running loose in the White House to working with friends around the globe to stop a planet-sized pig from destroying the Earth.

 Program Descriptions and Air Dates (check local listings)

“Peg and Cat Save the World” – two-part movie premieres Monday, March 28, 2016 and repeats throughout the week  

The President of the United States summons Peg and Cat to Washington, DC, to solve a problem of national importance. When strange signals are coming from space, Peg and Cat must use shapes to study patterns of the signals to save the Earth. After learning about a major problem in the nation’s capital, Peg and Cat call everyone they know to save the Earth from a planet-sized pig.

“The Polka Dot Planet Problem/ The Mardi Gras Problem” – premieres Monday, April 4

“The Polka Dot Planet Problem” - When Peg’s spaceship breaks down, she needs the help of a new friend who communicates without speaking.

“The Mardi Gras Problem” - To jam with Billie Holiday in the Mardi Gras parade, Peg and Cat must learn to use a diagram of notes – sheet music.
“The Mermaid in the Mall Problem/ The Painting Problem” – premieres Tuesday, April 5

“The Mermaid in the Mall Problem” - When a furniture store becomes a magical forest, Peg and Cat must become Knights of the Round Table – if only they can find a round table!

“The Painting Problem” - To get purple paint for their masterpiece, famous painters Peg Casso and Vincent Van Goo (Cat) need a whole new kind of addition.

“The Claymation Problem/The Grumpy Judge Problem” – premieres Wednesday, April 6

“The Claymation Problem” - Temperamental director Richard finally finds performers he can totally control, shape and mold; they’re made of clay.

“The Grumpy Judge Problem” - On the singing competition “Perfect Ten,” Peg and Cat must impress the toughest judge ever: the Grumpy Grouchy Bear.
“The Imaginary Friend Problem/ The Promise Problem” – premieres Thursday, April 7

“The Imaginary Friend Problem” - Peg and the dinosaurs search the jungle for Cat and Minkus, his imaginary monkey.

“The Promise Problem” - Nothing can keep Romeo and Juliet from meeting between their balconies – except maybe a dinosaur.

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