Secure A Tank Review

Thursday, March 26, 2015

- Prevents Wall Damage
- Prevents Toilet Tank Movement and Leaks
- Do-It-Yourself Easy Install
- Protects your investment
You get 4 Secure A Tank brackets in each package, which is good enough to outfit 2 toilets. Each bracket can be cut down to size to fit the toilet area. The brackets are easy to install and to cut down to size. We have had a few toilet seals break, so hopefully that will be a thing of the past with these brackets installed. The brackets are priced inexpensively, but can save you hundreds of dollars in costly repairs. These brackets are especially helpful, if people in your household have a tendency to sit down hard on the toilet. If you have a wobbly toilet, it will fix that too! I would really recommend trying these, before you call the plumber for a leaky toilet!

NOTE: I was provided this product for reviewing purposes, in exchange for a unbiased review. I only recommend products I believe in and use.


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