Wild Kratts: Jungle Animals DVD Review

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Join the Kratt Brothers, Martin and Chris, as they take their adventures into the jungle and discover some of the world’s most fascinating and elusive creatures in WILD KRATTS: JUNGLE ANIMALS. In these four amazing new-to-DVD adventures, the Kratt Brothers study the ways of this diverse ecosystem and encounter lizards that walk on water, orangutans who create medicines, and tarsiers that survive in complete darkness! The WILD KRATTS: JUNGLE ANIMALS DVD includes four fun-filled, educational journeys, each with a unique blend of live action and animation creating unlimited potential for education and storytelling. Over 8 million households tune in to watch “Wild Kratts” each month. (Approximately 100 minutes)

Featured Episodes: Walk on the Wetside, A Huge Orange Problem, Birds of a Feather and Googly-Eye: The Night Guru

Our Thoughts:
In the summer its hard to find activities that continue to challenge kids and that are fun. It's kinda like finding a way to sneak in veggies without the kids noticing. Wild Kratts makes it super easy to accomplish something educational and fun! I mean who doesn't love animals!?! It does not take long to get the kids occupied because once they hear the theme song, they come running in and start dancing. Once thats over the kids settle in to listen intensely and learn. They are just amazed by the animals the brothers come in contact with. While I love that it mixes cartoon and real life. It opens and closes with the real Kratts brothers showing and talking about real animals.

The DVD contains four episodes and they are easily broken up into multiple viewings if needed. The DVD also contains printable PDF activity sheets, which is a nice extra. They include animal facts, activities and coloring pages for the kids to enjoy. Lots of fun for both boys and girls.

In-conclusion, we give this DVD Two Thumbs-up! The kids loved it from start to finish. It's informative, entertaining and funny. Depending on your kids age, the older ones will even pick-up on the environmental issues that face various animals in the episodes. It's great that the Kratts brothers make it easy for the kids to understand, make them think and to invoke discussion.

Own Wild Kratts: Jungle Animals on DVD – now available for purchase in stores and online.

*Please note that I received a copy of the DVD so I could give my fair and honest opinion. The opinions expressed in this review are my own and were not influenced in any way.*


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