Purex UltraPacks Liquid Detergent Review

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In February 2012, Purex will be launching their new UltraPacks laundry detergent.  This another innovative product from Purex, who also brought the Purex 3-in-1, Purex with Zout and Purex Crystals.

  • Convenient pre-dosed liquid detergent packs that make laundry easier.
  • Has same performance of new Triple Action liquid formula in one powerful pack.
  • No more mess.  No more spills.  No more heavy jugs.
  • Contains powerful 2X concentrated liquid detergent, giving double cleaning power.
  • Dissolve quickly – even in cold water.
  • Formulated and safe for all machines, including High-Efficiency (HE)
My Thoughts: Purex UltraPacks Liquid Detergent is great invention for busy moms. Need your husband or kids to help out with the laundry? UltraPacks makes it so easy since they don’t require measuring there is no screwing up the detergent amount, which is especially important for HE washers that don’t need a lot of detergent.  I love that they feature the Triple Action formula too which means that small little package packs a powerful punch! Forget to pre-treat? That is something that always happens around our house. No problem for the Purex UltraPacks!  The formula is 2X concentrated and the formula is designed to be tough on stains but gentle on colors. It says you can use 2 packs if needed for super dirty clothes, but we never did. Our clothes came out stain free.

In-conclusion, while I would not use these every day I would keep a bag on hand at all times. They are great for the men to use when they do laundry. Same goes for when the kids want to help out.  The packs are also super handy for travel.  

*Please note that I received a full size package of Purex UltraPacks Liquid Detergent so I could give my fair and honest opinion. The opinions expressed in this review are my own and were not influenced in any way. I was provided with the review opportunity because I am a Purex Insider*


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