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Friday, September 9, 2011

I've been to Myrtle Beach a few times over the years. I always enjoyed it because it was family friendly, a lot of things to do, and it wasn't a tourist trap. Meaning I could save money, but still have an amazing time.

I am currently a member of a forum/message board. There locals and long time visitors provide information, tips, and amazing trip reviews. I am writing this blog entry today, just to bring more awareness to this free information. Its so valuable because the posters have no hidden agendas and provide you with the honest truth. If you have a question, it will get answered. From entertainment, attractions, restaurants, accommodations, discounts, coupons and more. Can't find it anywhere else besides the FunBeaches site.

Check it out:
Myrtle Beach - Message Board (FunBeaches.com)
Fun Beaches (main site)


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